UDI U818A Full Review & Recommendations

Best Quadcopter with a gopro

Buying a small drone may be an attractive idea, but once you see the price tag on some of the models – you will probably quickly turn your attention to some other gift for your friend or family member. However, not all quadcopters are expensive, in 2017 there are actually some on the market now that are selling for as little as £30. I'm not saying that the quality is very high as it is not, but that's an incredible difference from when these first launched, and some of them can even be found for surprisingly low prices. If you are in search for a quadcopter drone that is affordable and cheap, but at the same time offers a good flying experience – UDI A818A is the best option for you. This model is often referred to as the best beginner quadcopter, which means that aspiring fliers and inexperienced people can use this product to get acquainted with the buzzing world of drones and flying units.

Everyone who has ever tried flying a quadcopter knows that this task is not as easy as it may seem, I remember the first time I flew my UDI and it was pretty painful to watch, constantly over and under shooting on the power and under steering quite regularly. And that the process of flying requires full attention and concentration, in addition to some practice and experience. That is the reason why people often decide to buy a cheap quadcopter drone since this would allow them to be carefree with the device and worry less if it is damaged, or if its falls into a river, gets trapped in a tree, or simply flies into a house and gets smashed. UDI U818A is, therefore, the best beginner quadcopter, because with the low price – this model can be your first stop on the road to flying bigger and larger drones. The price is certainly one of the main assets of UDI U818A, but there are some other benefits that come from using this model as your personal quadcopter drone.

First of all, this small stylish machine is designed in a sleek and minimalist way, which means that there are “no extra parts” and the device looks attractive and exciting. It has 4 rotors, which have a diameter of 5.25”, and they are held in place by small screws. 500 mAh battery is able to power the machine for about 7-9 minutes of flying, but it can be recharged in one or two hours. Also, the device comes equipped with a microUSB card, which has a capacity of 2 GB which is obviously a lot more than a number of other models on the market in a similar price range. Several LED lights are positioned across the body of this quadcopter drone, and they further improve its points for style and appearance.

udi drone quadcopter review

When you buy this quadcopter, you will also receive a controller (pictured above) which needs two AA batteries in order to send/receive signal to and from the drone. The communication between the controller and the drone is performed via 2.4 GHz radio signal, and the reach of the signal is around 30m. Also, the controller has several interesting features, such as the 360 button, which, when pressed, causes the device to perform a flip in the air. Naturally, there are endless possibilities when it comes to stunts and acrobatics, but the person who controls the machine needs to be skillful and capable of handling this zippy and fast machine. Since there is no auto landing option, nor hovering feature – this device can be tricky to land and “calm down”, but with a little bit of practice – you can quickly become the master of quadcopter drones. Generally this is one of the more positive reviews we have written and the reason why is simply because it's a good product. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, and check the best prices buttons below.



  • Equipped with a lot of useful features
  • Low price
  • Allows easy flying
  • Respond rapidly to all commands


  • A very short battery life
  • Low-quality camera
  • Device is not as sturdy and durable as some other models are
  • The lack of auto landing and hovering features