Syma X5C is an advanced version of Syma X5 quadcopter, with couple of improvements that were not present in the previous version. I have to say that I have had the previous model and they didn’t lie when they said they improved this model regarding the previous one.

syma remote control quadcopter

The first thing that we see is a remote controller as pictured left, that is, in my opinion, a little bit more comfortable than the previous model had. As you can see there are still 2 primary movement pads but nothing special, but that says a lot about the designer’s care for the product. The remote controller is very light, 2.4GHz and it is nicely designed so all the controls are placed that you can reach them easily. It has a nice LED light at the center, which indicates your controls. The control sticks are moving softly so you will have no problems controlling the quadcopter at all. At the top of the controller, we have a small plastic antenna and a handle for carrying, which comes in handy when you need to carry it somewhere.

The Syma X5C quadcopter comes with the substantial prop guards, which will protect propellers from damaging in case you hit the ground or a corner of building. The prop guards just screw into the frame and they are sturdy, preventing the possible damage. Another thing regarding the protection - the camera is protected by a tall landing gear which makes it perfect for the beginners and those who are not really familiar with the quadcopter flying.

Syma X5C comes with a cool HD camera that is at the bottom and can be detached if you want any time. Of course, with the camera comes a micro USB card reader for SD cards so you can watch your videos or pictures and with the 2GB of SD card. The quality of the video is not the superb one, like some other quadcopters have, but considering the price of this quadcopter, it is a decent HD camera that will capture all the interesting moments and landscapes in just one button-slide.

The structure of Syma X5C is very lightweight, but sturdy enough to be wind-resistant. It also can perform flips, by pressing the 360 degree eversion button on the remote controller. This is recommended only when you remove the blade guards and the camera – since they are an additional weight for this lightweight quadcopter. Note that I have tried the flips with the additional equipment, though I would not recommend so. This also depends on the battery level and the distance. Charging time is around 100 minutes, which is enough for a 7 minute flight time, while the range of control is up to 300 meters at most. Syma X5C could have competed in the category of the best drone for GoPro if the flying time had been a little bit longer.

The size of Syma X5C is perfect for amateur flying – 16.5x12.2x3.8 inches, while it weighs around 1.4 pounds. 1 Lithium-ion battery (capacity of 500mAh, 3.7volts) runs the quadcopter and I must say that the battery replacement is designed in the very convenient way – it’s places under the camera and you need to lift the lid up along with the camera, place the battery and put the lid down. Just below the camera, you have a small switch button so you can turn on or off the battery, which is in my opinion very important safe measure.

In the end, I have to say that this quadcopter is not the best beginner’s quadcopter, but it is a great choice for aerial photography practice before you decide to move to a bigger and more powerful quadcopter. It is very easy to operate and thus it’s primarily aimed at the beginners. Don’t expect some high-quality videos and images but you can expect cool adventures with this budget quadcopter drone.

Most Recent Reviewer: I purchase this quadcopter in mid February [2017], it arrived promptly and I got started straight away as I was pretty darn excited! Anyway it takes a while to get used to. I purchased this model as I didn't want to purchase a $2000+ drone first up, but also didn't fancy getting the highly "beginner friendly models" that simply look like glorified children's toys. Once I got the hang of the controller and the sensitivity of the controls themselves I found it very easy to fly and in fact do some tricks along the way too! Great model and a great quadcopter for anyone looking to get started in the drone flying hobby!​


  • Smooth control
  • Perfect size
  • Handles crashes well
  • The ability to turn on camera remotely
  • Convenient battery replacement


  • Flight time
  • Blades shut off if the battery level is low