Quadcopter Racing – The New Sport!

Drone RacingThere is a popular new “sport” that involves racing quadcopters against each other. This crazy new sport has taken off in the US. There are multiple elements to this racing with the drone itself, the pilot and all aspects from weather to co-pilots is taken into account.

There is also another drone racing type called first person view or FPV which has also taken off (mind the pun.) This is where the individual plays as in they are the quadcopter itself through the virtual headset. This looks completely awesome if you ask me. As you can see by the video below there are tons of drones all racing around a track that is pre-determined. Is it just a matter of time before this explodes into the size of car racing? Or will we be able to bet on which drone will win in a few years with these races being televised?! – Who knows.

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