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Best Quadcopters for Sale - Author's Choice


DIJ Phantom 3 professional has standard quad drone design, precise movement, powerful quadcopter motors, long life battery and great quality camera. One of the highest rated drones in 2016 and featured in multiple tech magazines.


Syma X5C is a great choice for aerial photography practice because of it's HD camera and it is easy to operate. It's also one of the best value for money drones on the market in 2017. Click below for cheapest price.

udi u818a


If you are in search for a quadcopter drone that is affordable, but at the same time offers a good flying experience – UDI A818A or the more modern and even better value for money option the U829A 2.4GHz is now available.

A quadcopter is a rotorcraft, which means that it is an aircraft lifted by rotation of rotary wings. It is basically a type of helicopter with four rotors, which lift and propel the aircraft.

Quadcopter is also called quadrotor drone or quadrotor helicopter, so whichever term you run into, it describes the same thing. It is not only that they have plenty of different names, but they also have plenty of various applications and uses, and there are different types of drones available on the market.

You may wonder - what exactly is the purpose of quad copters.

The truth is that their use is very wide and versatile, and it goes from using it with children just for fun, to more serious uses such as for certain military purposes. Whichever the reason for using the drone may be, there is a lot of models to choose from and plenty to learn about these aircrafts.

Quad Drone - History And Use

The first quadcopter drone was designed in 1907, but they were successfully used only in World War II, for the purposes of decoy and shooting practice. The first functional drones were used by military, and they were not easily available to the civilians like they are today. The military used them as remote missiles controlled from the ground, as well as for observation and espionage.

Nowadays, having a quadcopter or even a few of them is not only a privilege of the army. Drones are easily available to the civilians and there are plenty of reasons to use drones for non-military purposes, and some of them are the following:

Aerial surveillance - drones are convenient for all sorts of commercial aerial surveillance, and they are used for monitoring livestock, mapping wild animals and forests, as well as security surveillance of homes and roads.

Search and rescue - drones are convenient help when it comes to searching and rescuing missing or injured people, which is why they can be used for these purposes as well.

Aerial photography and film making - this is one of very widespread applications of drones, used by photographers and videographers around the world. Quadcopter with camera and screen on remote is used to create stunning aerial images or shoot films, music videos and promotional videos from aerial perspective.

Sports - sporting events can easily benefit from drones, because not only the sports matches can be filmed from various perspectives and angles, but camera attached to drone can help monitor the game and help the judges resolve disputes between the teams.

Power line and phone line inspection - drones can also be used for inspecting all sorts of cables and lines, as well as for locating any damages or defects. Drones with camera and GPS are used for this purpose, so they can note the location of damage and make the record about it. Methods of wire pulling by drones are also being developed, so that the wires can be pulled by remote controlling.

Fire detection - the above mentioned drones are useful for discovering forest fires and other kinds of fires. These drones are usually equipped with infrared camera, which can detect the slightest changes in temperature and thus help discover the fire at its earliest stage.

Wildlife exploration and prevention of poaching - drones are useful for discovering and mapping wild animals, and they are successfully used in Africa in order to prevent poaching.

Scientific research - drones can be equipped with camera for taking photos or filming videos, with GPS and mapping capabilities. These features enable drones acquire all sorts of data which can later be used in various kinds of scientific researches.

Archaeological and geological research - some of the best drones with cameras are used for scientific as well as for archaeological and geological research. They are equipped with multi spectral cameras capable of 3D mapping, so the data collected and mapped by these drones are very valuable in archaeology and geology.

There are different legal regulations and rules concerning the use of drones, and in the USA the rules are prescribed by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). There is a general rule that applies, and it is that, once you purchase a drone as an individual, you are supposed to register it with the government. The fee for drone registration is less than $10, but if you get caught operating an unregistered drone, you may face a penalty that reaches as much as $27,500.

When used by individual civilians, drones are most frequently used for film making and photography, but also simply as a toy made from build a drone kit. Nevertheless, no matter if you use a professional drone with camera or some of the cheap drones used only for fun, there are certain rules and guidelines you need to respect. You need to fly lower than 400 feet and avoid obstacles, and make sure to keep the drone within your visual field all the time. Avoid flying near large groups of people such as busy streets or stadiums, in order to remain safe and keep the others safe. If you fly a quadcopter drone within five miles from an airport, it is necessary to contact the control tower before you do so, otherwise you might get penalized. Also, flying a quadcopter heavier than 55 pounds is not allowed and it is not considered safe. Before purchasing your first drone, make sure to get acquainted with all the legal rules, as well as the rules of safety, in order to avoid any unpleasant, inconvenient and dangerous situations.

Quadcopters come in a variety of styles, types and they are intended for different purposes. The mutual feature of them all is that they are all driven by four propellers, placed onto the frame and attached to electronic motors which drive the propellers. In order to achieve the optimal lifting, the best and the simplest controlling and the highest amount of safety, propellers of every type of quadcopter are placed on equal distance from the center of the frame. In order to achieve light weight of drones, carbon fibers are used very frequently, because the lighter frame makes the quadcopter fly and get controlled more easily.

Best Beginner Quadcopter

In case you have decided to purchase a quadcopter, there is a demanding task ahead of you before you finally decide which one to buy. The decision is even more complex if you are buying a drone quadcopter for the first time. This is why we will help you choose the best quadcopter for beginners, as well as get acquainted with all the rules and safety precautions for its flying.

First of all, you need to know what makes a good beginner drone. In case you haven’t flown a drone before, it is the best solution to start small and purchase a lightweight drone compact in size. These drones are easier to fly and control, which will help you learn the flying basics and get the feeling and skill on how to fly a drone properly. Also, you should go with a trusted manufacturer and choose some of the well known brands such as DJI Drones, and Phantom 3 model is a good choice of drone for starters. Other than being lightweight, the drone for not very experienced user needs to have a simple quadcopter flight controller, especially if they had never used a drone before.

best beginner quadcopter

Before you decide to buy a drone, you should also find the purpose you will use it for. Do you need it for having fun around backyard with your kids? Do you need it for professional photo shoots or video making? Or perhaps you need a drone for attaching a GoPro camera onto it. Determining the main goal of making a decision to buy a drone can make the process significantly easier, because not all drones are suitable for all purposes. For example, if you need a drone for attaching a GoPro camera onto it, you can purchase some of the smaller models such as Phantom 1 quadcopter by DJI. In case you need a drone for larger photo or video camera, you will need a larger model, so that it can support the weight of heavier camera. In case you want a drone simply for fun, there are even models that are safe to use indoors. On the other hand, larger and more serious models intended for photographing and filming can be rather unsafe for a person who is not familiar with operating them. If you want a quad copter only for having fun, you can even find quadcopter kit for sale at specialized stores.

Most beginners wonder where to buy drones, but since drones are becoming increasingly popular in many areas of life, and they are more available than they used to be. They can be purchased in several ways and in different stores. There are specialized stores selling only drones, where you can find almost any quad copter you like. Then, they can sometimes be found in stores with photo equipment, since quadcopter drone with camera is frequently used for photographing and filming. Lastly, they are very easily found online, on specialized websites, on Amazon or can be purchased directly from manufacturers.

Finding the best beginner quadcopter is not difficult when you know what you are looking for and where to look for it.

Top Beginner Drones Reviews

Blade Nano QX - this model is ideal for first time users learning how to fly a quadcopter. It is a small quadcopter which can easily be flown indoors, and it is equipped with SAFE technology which provides high stability and agility. The frame is not only small in size, but it is also lightweight and with four potent rotors, which makes this quadcopter easy to be lifted and easy to operate. It also contains blade guards, which will prevent the blades from breaking. In case you are looking to buy a drone for fun, this is one of the best options on the market.

blade nano qx
UDI U818A 2.4GHz Quadcopter with Camera

UDI U818A 2.4GHz Quadcopter with Camera - this is a toy quadcopter with price less than $100, yet it is equipped with many useful features and has really neat design. It is small and lightweight, equipped with 6-axis gyro posture control - which makes this drone easy to operate and stable while flying. It has strong motors and the battery of high capacity, which enables the drone to fly longer, and it is recharged fast. It comes with an integrated camera for making video and photos, and if you are a complete beginner in flying a drone, this is a great solution of a drone for starters.

Blade 180 QX - for those who want to fly a drone for the sake of taking photos, this is one of the best cheap drones for sale to begin with. It weighs 1.8 pounds, it is very compact in dimensions and it costs under $200, which is a reasonable investment if you are just beginning to learn how to fly a quad drone. This model is a remote control quadcopter with camera, and it is equipped with EFC-720 camera for aerial image and video making. Due to its small dimensions and SAFE technology, it is ideal for drone flying training.

blade 180 qx
Hubsan X4 with FPV

Hubsan X4 with FPV (first person view) - This is probably my favourite drone below $400. Another model of a remote control drone with camera which can be used for safe and successful newbie training. It has many useful features, which makes it especially suitable for beginner use. It is very cheap FPV quadcopter, that will allow you to capture images and make video, but also to monitor and preview the video on a transmitter which comes with this device. This model, like the previous two, is very small in dimensions and very lightweight, which makes it safe and easy to fly. It is equipped with 6-axis flight control system, which has adjustable sensitivity and provides additional stabilization.

Drone for GoPro Camera

GoPro cameras have undoubtedly brought a new dimension to photography and videography and to capturing sports, adventure and stunt videos and photos. They are used both by amateurs and professional photographers and videographers, and the uses of these cameras can be extremely versatile and creative.

Professional and amateur sportsmen use GoPro cameras for capturing their sporting challenges and tricks and sharing them with the world. However, many photographers and videographers use these cameras in order to create unusual photos of extreme and other sports and capture events from a different perspective. It is also useful for creating music videos and filming and photographing musicians from another perspective by attaching the camera to the instrument.

Professional photographers and videographers nowadays often use drones for GoPro to capture all sorts of aerial images. Filming and photographing from aerial perspective has been an increasing trend for the past several years. GoPro quadcopter is often used in the news, since nowadays aerial filming can be done simply by operating a drone from the ground, instead of sending a cameraman and a reporter in a helicopter. All this makes aerial filming a lot easier and not to mention how much safer it is.

The choice of drones for sale is incredibly large, so every photographer and videographer can find the one that fits his needs and budget. With such a wide choice, you can certainly find the best drones for the money, and we will give you a list of preferable features that the best drone for GoPro should have, to make you choose more easily.

First of all, you need to consider safety of the drone. This means that it should be safe for both the people around it and for the camera attached onto it. You can read drone with camera reviews on our website and elsewhere on the Internet and check their safety features. The safest drones are those which are easy to operate, they are often equipped with SAFE technology and they include protection for the propellers and sometimes for the camera as well.

Stability is another feature to pay attention to, because it can largely affect filming and photographing. It is important that the drone provides smooth and stable flight and operating, because only this way will your images and videos be flawless.

Ease controlling is also important, especially if you want to create good images and videos and capture exactly all the things you want without wasting space on the memory card. First Person View is a feature some drones are equipped with, and it enables you to remotely monitor everything the drone is capturing, which can be a very useful feature for aerial photography and videography.

Last, but not least, pay attention on the flight time as well before purchasing the drone. Naturally, drones with longer flight time and short charge time are better and provide more shooting time without the need for recharging the battery.

GoPro Quadcopter Reviews

BLADE 350 QX - this model is ideal for photographers and videographers who are still beginners in drone flying. It has a very simple control system and it is resistant to crashes, which are both important features for those who are still learning how to fly a drone. It has several flight modes, including Safe Mode which is very useful and important for all those who are still not that skillful. Blade 350 QX drone has a GoPro compatible mount for camera, which enables you to attach a camera onto the drone. It is easily operated and flies very smoothly providing you with high-quality and sharp images.

blade 350 qx

DJI PHANTOM 2 VISION PLUS - even though DJI has launched new versions of Phantom drones, DJI Phantom 2 is still the way to go if you need a model that can support a GoPro camera. There is also DJI Phantom 3 Professional, which is a newer model, but it does not support GoPro cameras, which is what makes the previous device a better choice for GoPro lovers. One more thing that makes this drone a good choice is the fact that after the release of the DJI Phantom 3 the price of the DJI quadcopter Phantom 2 has been significantly reduced. It comes with integrated GPS and compass, and thanks to the smooth operating ability, the images captured with this model will turn out tack sharp. This model has a battery which enables around 25 minutes of flying time, which is exceptional for drones of this category, and it can be operated within a distance of 1000 meters. In addition, it is very easy to operate, which means that it can easily be used by beginners as well. Although the DJI Phantom 4 is going to overtake everything in this class moving into 2017. More information here on that.

dji phantom 2 vision plus

GHOST DRONE 2 - this drone model comes with a 3-axis gimbal compatible with all GoPro cameras, which makes it a good choice for aerial filming and photographing with. What differentiates this model from the others on the list is that you can connect it with your smartphone and control it by any Android, iOS device or tablet. This drone quadcopter is very easy to fly and it is therefore suitable for both beginners and for those with more skill in drone flying. It has several preprogrammed flying modes, so there is no training necessary. Ghost Drone flies for 25 minutes before it needs a recharge, and it can be controlled from as much as 1000 meters distance.

ghost drone 2

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